How to Prepare to Sell Your House

Prepare to Sell Your House

Sometimes life comes at you in a hurry. A new job, new spouse, sudden change to the family, and many other major events can completely upset the status quo. You might find that you need to move and sell your house quickly. When this happens, worry not. There are a lot of things you can do to sell your home quickly. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but it covers the most tried and true ways to sell your house fast.

Make It Look Nice

This is not about major repairs (although we will discuss those in a moment). This is about making the house look inviting so prospective buyers have a positive experience when they come to see the place. It’s pure psychology. Prettier or more welcoming houses sell faster.

The way to do this is to spend as little cash and as much elbow grease as possible. Clean the lawn. Touch up paint where it is needed. Focus on repairing cracks, holes, and other blemishes on both the interior and exterior, and prioritize the most visible problems. Cleaning is about minimizing clutter and making the space feel less personal. You want prospects to be able to envision what it will be like to live there.

Consider Repairs

Repairs are substantially different from cosmetic changes. A repair is usually an involved investment, and it will raise the value of the house. Unfortunately, picking repairs for a fast sell is tricky. In many cases, the money you spend on the repair will be about the same as what you get back from the sale, although repairs can sell the house faster.

For repairs, you want to focus on livability. Make sure major appliances are in working order. Ensure the roof doesn’t leak. Worry less about repairs that will take too long or cost too much for you to get them done quickly. Skipping those repairs will lower the final sale price of your house, but you also won’t be spending that money out of pocket, leaving you more resources to focus on things that help to sell fast.

Get Paperwork in Order

This is a big one. When you bought the house, you might have gone through loan pre-approval and other processes to make everything easier. You can take a similar tactic to selling the home.

First, get your liens in order. If there is more than one lien on your house (for instance, a loan for solar panels), selling gets complicated. You can still sell, but you need all parties ready to go before you are negotiating with buyers. 

There is plenty of other paperwork to tackle. Selling your home will require a title company, inspection officer, appraisal, and dozens of other tasks and forms. Hopefully, your realtor will be helping with this. In any case, if you are ahead on paperwork, you won’t be the reason a sale stalls.

Skip It All and Sell for Cash

Selling a house quickly in a traditional realtor scenario requires a lot of work and is rife with uncertainty. You have little control of the timing of the sale. However, there is a means to sell your house very quickly that removes all the uncertainty. Simply contact We Buy Houses Tulsa. This is a property investment group that will make an offer on absolutely any house that can legally be sold. Let them know you are interested, and they’ll get you an offer to buy your house in cash. They’ll handle all of that paperwork, and they’ll buy the house as-is, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning and doing repairs. It is easily the fastest and most reliable way to sell a house. Call today at 918-739-6777 or online at We Buy Houses Tulsa.

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